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Hollywood movie stars are followed by billions around the world. Regardless of the country or region people live in, the kinds of languages they speak, and the kind of culture they adhere to. Every region of the world is full of people who are mad about these hot-looking Hollywood superstars. People keep an eye on both male and female celebrities and follow these great performers like religion.

The same is true for the fashion they wear. The fashion industry kind of revolves around these beautiful and talented personalities. The biggest of the brands want them to wear their attires in their fashion shows. These brands also offer their most recent and most up-to-date fashion collection to these stars as their costumes in movies and these then become the ultimate fashion statements. Everyone then desires to acquire similar wearable, and spend a great amount of money just to get the taste of how these attires feel.

There have been many such examples where, these stars have worn outfits in a movie, and it has created so much buzz, that the fashion industry has then gone on to make millions of dollars, just by selling these attires to the general public.

One such example can be seen in the recently released Hollywood blockbuster, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. The movie was released in 2014 and was appreciated by the crowd very much. It was a whole new concept by one of the biggest franchises in the cinema industry, MARVEL. The movie includes a group of new superheroes that join hands, to rescue the galaxy from many evil forces. There is a character in this movie by the name of STARLORD played by the fresh looking and very talented Chris Pratt.


He has worn this amazing-looking long coat costume in the movie which screams style and oozes class. This coat is maroon in color and is a picture-perfect replica of the one used by Chris Pratt. Trending worldwide, Guardians of Galaxy Coat has worn to shreds any opposition that it has faced in the fashion world! Its amazing maroon color, dimensions, and its spectacular design combine together to heave you to the podium of neatness without a shadow of a doubt.

The quality of material used to manufacture this brilliant piece of clothing is top-notch. Its exterior is made from 100% original maroon leather, and the interior is lined with polyester. There is no pocket included to magnify the class of the 100% original leather used upfront, and to add style, the front is kept open with some buttons. The sleeves in this long coat are designed to be fit on the arms that enhance your appearance further.


The coat is designed in such a way that it is very easy to use and carry around as it is original leather, which lasts like forever if used with a little care.

  • It is a multipurpose jacket that can be worn anywhere.
  • It can be used as a costume for your costume parties along with some accessories. At a costume party, this starlord costume would look exceedingly breathtaking with a mask or a hat.
  • Casually, this Chris Pratt trench coat would look good on any sort of inner. Equally fitting will this coat look if you wear it with a pair of your LEVIS, or any other cargo that you might have, Combined with blue jeans and elevated black boots, this will look great.
  • In gloomy weather, this starlord coat is your best companion.

  • Exterior: Glossy 100% original maroon leather.
  • Interior:  Lined with polyester.
  • Front: Spooky design elements accompanied by an open front.
  • Back: Following the color theme.
  • Pockets: No pockets.
  • Sleeves: Full fitted sleeves.

This coat is among the hottest selling celebrity wearable available on the internet today, and it leaves all other jackets and wearables, light years behind. This is partly due to it staring in a movie, and partly because it is a classic leather jacket, which is loved by almost everyone.



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