Edge Flash Season 2 Atom Smasher Vest Coat


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Edge Flash Season 2 Atom Smasher Vest Coat

With its eccentric style and quirky look, this Atom Smasher vest is what will separate you form the rest of the same old vest on every man around you now having said that, it must be cleared out that this classy piece of cloth is not every ones cup of tea. It’s not the muscle that matters; rather it’s the absolute sophistication and exclusiveness that one must be able to pull off. Styling it up with the most alluring black leather pants and sultry black shoes, this covering could be your identity setter. We are offering Atom Smasher Coat and Vest both. In order to buy both of them please select the option from the drop down menu. If you still feel confusion you may contact us.

  • Pure leather
  • Sleeveless
  • Comfortable for the skin
  • Perfectly styled to match the original
  • Skin tight
  • Closed neck collar
  • Precisely textured
  • Vest is made up of 100% real leather
  • Trench coat would be made in cotton fabric
  • You can buy both of the item or buy separately


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