Arrow Billy Wintergreen Black Costume Jacket


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Arrow Billy Wintergreen Black Costume Jacket

Costume are not meant for the usual clothing collection but you carry them occasionally usually it is the costume genre that counts. So, anyone who is looking for a thrilling stuff to wear on any occasion must try this Arrow Billy Wintergreen Jacket. It has been made with the genuine material known as leather and the blending offered by this material is flawless as always. It has a pattern of embossed boxes at the front side and there lies click lockers too on the waist side over a plain material. This jacket costume has two pockets on the sides with a box kind of layout. It is suitable for the adventurous kind of clothing for anyone who wishes to dress up that way. The material used for the manufacture and the neatness in stitching is very delicate and detailed.


•           Full Sleeves

•           Boxed Pockets

•           Intricate Stitching

•           Leather Finish

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