Balmain Woven Black Leather Pant For Men

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Balmain Woven Black Leather Pant For Men 

It’s not the design and color that makes this attire very unique and famous among your friends rather it is a brand. Balmain is an old fashion company founded back in last century. This pant is the sophisticated piece from the entire collection. Its black color and woven style make it an adorable piece. Pant has the small but numerous features which can help your costume overall to look more competent and sublime. Pant is in skinny fit layout with two zipper pockets at sides. Pant has the front buttoned closure with zipper at middle. Knees of the pant have padded features with close and narrow bottom of the pant. Waist line of pant contains loops to put in belt. Pant is in black color with genuine leather material. There are two external back pockets as well.


·         Black color

·         Leather material

·         Full length

·         Zipper pockets

·         Front zipper 

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