Arthur Maxson Fallout 4 Brotherhood of Steel Fur Collar Leather Coat


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Maxson Fallout 4 Coat

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Arthur Maxson Game Fallout 4 Brotherhood of Steel Fur Collar Leather Coat

Leather coats are always the most appealing ones to get hands on, this leather coat is also one of a very outclass and appealing choice to get hands on. This leather coat is something which provides for an outlook appeal at all times. The coats are finished with leather material and there is a choice between the real leather and faux leather in terms of having them too. This coat is provided with an inner with viscose which makes it a very comfortable choice at all times. The coat has belts and loops at the front; on the other hand there is a wide collar and a hood which provides for a fur in the outlook. There is a belt at the waistline and also there are pockets as well, moreover the outlook is something which always provides for a lot of ease and comfort as well on the other hand.

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