Limitless 100% Real Bradley Cooper (Eddie Morra) Jacket


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Bradley Cooper Aka Eddie Morra Limitless Replica Jacket

First and foremost, the most interesting aspect of this jacket would be the glossy texture of the surface that makes it shine and stand out amongst its peers. Now what makes this Limitless jacket’s design really interesting is the golden colored central zip line. The golden colored zip and the glossy leather of the jacket combine to form a miraculous style.


  • First of all, to look really good, please wear a hat with this Bradley Cooper jacket.
  • If you own a nice pair of boots then this Bradley Cooper Limitless jacket gives you the best opportunity of trying them on since the jacket is designed to be versatile.


  • Outfit: Real leather.
  • Movie: Limitless
  • Worn by: Bradley Cooper (Eddie Morra)
  • Gender: Male
  • Color: Black and golden colored zip in the centre.
  • External: Elegant
  • Some Colors cannot be made in distressed leather
  • Internal: Polyester
  • Extra style: The color combination in this jacket has the ability to grow on you.

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