Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV Nyx Ulric Cosplay Coat


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Kingsglaive Final Fantasy 15 Nyx Ulric Cosplay Coat

These days the fashion and trend of coats has been spreading commonly all over the world and people have a wide demand as well. This coat has a finishing in every aspect, the finishing of the material is based on two materials and there are choices being real leather and faux leather as well. The length of this coat is longer and covers till the knees; on the other hand the sleeves are longer ones and have a finishing of silver colored material whereas the entire base of the coat is black in color. The front has loops and patterns as well using silver color outlay and studs are also provided as well. There are loops on the shoulders too which makes it look something outstanding in all aspects. This coat is a kind of coat which may be carried on the casual instances easily without any hassle and then it appears being comfortable.

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