Captain America Chris Evans Winter Soldier 2014 Leather Costume


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American's Most Wanted Leather Costume (Captain America Winter Soldier 2014)

Keeping the “Blue” colored theme alive, the designer has done a pretty awesome job creating an ultimate Captain America leather costume. The designer has added some spicy flavors that blend in quite well with the Captain`s blue and show up entirely a different face of Captain America`s jackets and costumes.


  • The captian america costume looks delightfully well when the front is closed due to its amazing design element.
  • Wearing a black colored pant and black and white sneakers would make the outfit look even more tempting.


  • Front: A trendy looking front with dual collars and a central zipper.
  • Photoshoot is taken in Faux leather
  • Back: Stripes of silver and padded patches.
  • Leather: 100% real leather is used for the manufacture of this piece.
  • Pockets: No pockets.
  • New Colors: Blue, Black and Red
  • Style: Stripes of silver that tend to make a star at the center of the piece. Other than that, the jacket has padded patches of the primary color all over the jacket.

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