Michael Jackson Thriller Leather Pant For Sale


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Michael Jackson Thriller Leather Pant For Sale

In an era when everyone knows who Adele or Justin Bieber is, wear this outfit to remind people of who was once the boss. Yes, this leather pant is suitable for those people intending to break down some dance moves on the floor. Extremely elastic and flexible ; the fabric of this pant will surpass your expectations. Alongside the Thriller Michael Jackson Jacket, you can rock your looks on any Halloween, any party, any costume party or simply anywhere. The sharp red colors will adorn your movement and your style as you walk the moon walk and dance. Made from the fines leather, this cloth will not shrink, rip or fade as time passes. Make sure to get it dry cleaned once in a while and all will be fine. This vintage Thriller Leather Pant depicts a person's love for the classic hip hop and pop culture. The culture that Michael Jackson started. The pant material will keep you warm and calm.

Style tips.

This leather pant can be worn in the night, day or afternoon as a costume.

Use it as a dance accessory.

use a leather studded belt in addition to the pant.

Sharp red color will go hand in hand with other neon colors.


Enhanced tailoring has made this cloth tight fitted and flexible.

Non shrinkable contexture allows for re washing.

Reminiscent of a golden era in pop music.

Pure leather and 100% genuine quality.


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