Matrix Reloaded Trinity Black Trench Leather Coat

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Trinity Matrix Reloaded (Carrie-Anne Moss) Trench Jacket

Matrix Reloaded Trinity Coat is a unique coat which has been featured as a celebrity choice for the purpose of making it a style statement. This coat is a leather finish long coat which is much attractive in terms of its appearance. The upper part of the coat till waist is featured with a closure with a zip, whereas the lower part below the waist is featured with the open portion. The top portion fits to perfection to the body and the zip is featured in silver color. This Matrix Trinity Coat is much different from the usual choices and may be carried over all kinds of coats as well. The full sleeves of the coat are also perfect for the purpose of complete coverage.


•           Leather Finish Making

•           Upper Fitted Portion

•           Front Open Layout

•           Full Sleeves

•           Standing Collars

•           Black Color with Silver Zip Closure

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